Our Services

Baffled? In a dilemma whether to hire a content writer or not? Here lies our portion exactly.
         The Niche Writers are committed to furnishing you with quality contents according to your needs and budget.
         Covering your website with creative contents which are SEO optimized is our prime objective. We deliver our unique, broad and informative contents so that you can rank on google. The platform is designed in such a way that it delivers content to get publish-ready by expert writers, that can enhance any content writing process in an artistic way.
         The Niche Writers proposes a wide range of Content Writing Services. You can book us for the following services:


Web Content Writing, SEO Content Writing

We write the contents for all types of niches, contents rich in SEO. You will be satisfied with our writing skills and amazed at how your article will rank you. Further, your contents will be unique and plagiarized free, we check all our works in a google certified tool, copyscape, for the uniqueness among the existing published articles in google.

Product Description, Review Writing

The Descriptive lines by our writers will be just wow. Customers will be attracted by lines rather than wandering about the product actually. Try us and observe yourself. And we are also hired for writing reviews for songs, movies, article reviews, opinions based review and all. Our work is loved by all our clients which are being worked in a systematic way, from the junior to senior position before it gets delivered to you.

Personal and Official Blogs

Carry your personal blogging journey with us. We not only give you contents but help you rank in google too. We also design your official website and blogs with contents you desire.

Content Writing Learning in Nepal

We teach content writing for those who are eager to learn and execute something on their own. We have special offers and packages for you. Contact us and start your learning journey.

Descriptive for Company

People before knowing you read the description of your employees, its features, qualities, growth of an individual, your company, services and proficiency. Let us craft your company's description, your services, and offerings in a creative way. This helps you in getting customers easily, making relations with the new one. And rank your company in google at the top.

Short Scripts

Just give us the topic and see how we write short scripts for the selected topic. We will let our best team go through work. There are special and diverse writers who love to perform these tasks. We have a few writers executing these works in an organized way.


For Publicly displaying your products and any writings, contents, we have a copywriting service for the same. We create amazing advertisements for the promotional materials. Have a glance. Copywriters are accountable for the text on brochures, pamphlets, billboards, websites, emails, advertisements, catalogs, and many more.

Stories and Poems

This is the benefit of hiring us, we have different types of writers in different niches, backgrounds. Most of them have already published their articles, works and creations in national newspapers and various portals. We write stories and poems on the topic provided by the clients and work accordingly to meet his description.

Official/Business Letters Writing

Our writers are best in creating a stronger relation with your customers by creating a unique presentation in their writings with the use of proper grammar and appropriate words. We follow a systematic approach and actual format that is needed to portray all the information needed to communicate and build good connections. We write personal, official as well as business letters with proper format.

Statement of Purpose

Stuck with your abroad application process just because of a statement of purpose? We are here to help the inspirants like you to groom your future. We write amazing statements of purposes for students wanting to apply abroad for study, workers willing to work abroad and other needy ones. Our SOP is well crafted as per your qualifications and requirements. Give us your qualifications and your work is done.

Ad Writing Services

The Niche Writer has writers who have good experience in Ad Writing Services. They are perfectly written to attract your customers. They are perfectly exercised to execute a masterpiece in your sales presentation. Your customers will always be tempted by the rich picking of the service. So, get along quickly.

CV and Letter of Recommendations

People are mostly confused about the type of CV and letter of recommendation. We have a proper format and samples that help you guide you to craft yours. We write the CV for you after getting your details till date. CV is the first ornament of an educated person, it has to be correctly written. Also, for the sample of letter of recommendation for the teachers, officers and any other in need is well developed here.

Our Offers

If the article is more than 1500 words then we have special rates for you after 1501 words.

For the content around 1000 words or more and 15 in total then we will exclude the cost of 1 article. Here you pay only for 14 articles.

For the content around 1000 words or more and 30 in total, we exclude the cost of 2 articles. You pay for only 28 articles

For writers and members of the team, there is a free hosting facility with certain conditions.

For students the whole content pricing is reducing by 10% of the normal price.

And the starters/initiators of the new business are also given a 5% discount of the normal price.

Students get a discount on getting their CV, statement of purpose(SOP) or Letter of recommendation (LOR) written.